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How to Sell Your Home Faster

Price it Right

A common mistake sellers typically have is to set the asking price high and then reduce later, only when the house doesn’t sell. This is typically an unrealistic way to sell your house faster. Keep in mind, your listing will see the most activity within the first 30 days. If you’re wanting to sell your house quickly, listen to any advice your agent has and trust them. They’re the experts in knowing how to find the value of your home and knowing what prices will sell.

Enhance your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first impression your home makes on potential buyers, so you want to leave a lasting impression. Think about replacing the mailbox, mow the lawn, plant some flowers, do what it takes to make the exterior look perfect.

Make Updates

After you’ve made a good impression with the exterior of your house, think about making interior updates. Find out what the current home trends are, what people are buying in your market, and then think of affordable ways you can make those updates. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, updating lighting fixtures, or even some new flooring, there’s always an update or two to be made.

Deep Clean, Declutter, Depersonalize

Make your home as presentable as possible. Get rid of all family photographs, religious items, and political items. Now isn’t the time to show off your son’s football trophies. These personal items distract prospective buyers from envisioning their own family living in the house. Perhaps think about getting rid of bulky, or excess furniture and kick-nacks to make the house look bigger. Then hire a professional to deep clean the house and get it smelling fresh!

Hide your Pets

Leave no trace of your four legged family members. Hide all toys, food dishes, or litter boxes and think about getting an outsider’s opinion on whether your house smells like a pet lives there.

Be Flexible

You want your home to be seen as often as possible, so make the necessary arrangements to be flexible. Be available early in the morning, at night, and even on weekends. Also, make sure you’re gone from the house before potential buyers arrive. If you’re present during a showing, prospective buyers will just feel like intruders in your home. Always keep the house clean, and presentable, so it’s ready with short notice. Make your bed in the mornings, and pick up after yourself constantly.

Professional Photographer

Before a buyer schedules a showing, they usually browse a listing’s photos. This will be a deciding factor in whether or not they are interested. So hire a professional when it comes to photography. Homes with professional photographs will sell faster than homes with blurry pictures from your agent’s cellphone.


Posted by: DK Marketing on December 14, 2018
Posted in: Financial