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3 Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills

Whether you split the utility bills with your roommates, or you pay for them yourself, your electric, water, and gas bills have got to get paid! And we know what it’s like having all of those bills add up in the end. It can practically empty your wallet! Well we have got some good tips on ways you can reduce those utility bills and save some more money.

















The best way to reduce this bill is to start with a home energy audit. This assessment is designed to find out how much energy your home is consuming. This information is helpful when deciding how to make your home energy efficient.  And the information you need to get started is easy:

  1. Average utility bill cost
  2. Square footage of the home
  3. Zip code
  4. Fuels used in home

The assessment will give you insight on what is consuming the most energy. Whether it’s the HVAC system, lights, appliances, electronics, etc. From there, you can decide what adjustments you need to make. Like turning of lights more often, or unplugging power chords when they’re not in use.

















Start by checking your shower heads, faucets, and other plumbing in your home. There could be a small leak you aren’t noticing that is jacking up the price of your water bill. Even minor changes like switching to low-flow shower heads can help reduce your water usage.

Of course, reducing your water usage as much as possible will contribute to BIG TIME savings. Don’t leave the faucet running when brushing your teeth, or take quicker showers!

Finally, think about updating your appliances. Perhaps your washing machine or dishwasher is contributing to the problem. Nowadays, there are several affordable appliances that are energy efficient. They are designed to help lower that bill of yours.



















The gas bill is primarily consistent of your heating usage. Consider options for¬†programmable thermostat! This will allow you to pre-set temperatures so your heater isn’t working overtime when it doesn’t need to be.

Also make sure that your air filters are constantly being checked. You want to always make sure these filters are working efficiently by staying clean and unclogged.

Whether you are a renter looking for a new apartment, or a property owner looking to make your renter’s lives easier, these tips are ensured to help lower the cost of your utility bills. Now you can use that extra money how YOU want!

Posted by: DK Marketing on October 10, 2018
Posted in: Maintenance