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How to Spot a BAD Property Manager

Is Your Property Manager Showing Any of These Traits?

The stress of managing your own rental property can get pretty intense, so when the time comes to find someone else to do the job, you might just jump at any opportunity without thinking too much about it. If being a successful property investor is a goal of yours, understand that you shouldn’t just pick any property management company, you need to employ a professional to manage your investment properties on your behalf.

In the article “9 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company,” we discussed all of the reasons you should hire a property manager, but in the list below, we’ve compiled five red flags that a property manager might not be the professional they say they are. 

  1. Compliance Issues 
    When managing a rental property, there are several local, state, and federal regulations that one must abide by. It is a property manager’s job to search for any compliance issues to make certain that you and your rental property are staying compliant with these laws.
  2. Lack of Communication
    What is the point in having someone manage your properties if you can’t get a hold of them when needed. If your property manager is constantly missing your calls, or taking days to get back to you, it might be time to find a professional who will make you their priority.
  3. Consistently Late
    If your property manager is not sending you reports and any relevant or important pieces of information on time, then they are not the professional you need to manage your rental properties.
  4. Laziness
    It is your property manager’s job to follow through on all important tasks. Such as, making sure repairs are getting done on time, tenants are being professionally taken care of, and that the property undergoes regular inspections. If they are lacking in this department, look elsewhere.
  5. No Maintenance
    A professional property manager will always ensure that all maintenance and repairs are done on time, and are done well. Letting this go without batting an eye is a HUGE red flag. You want someone who will always make sure your property is in it’s best shape, and constantly taking action to do so.

Just keep in mind that this professional manages your investment properties on your behalf. If a property management company displays any of these traits, it is in your best interest to continue searching for someone new.

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Posted by: DK Marketing on August 3, 2018